GIWS-Gesellschaft für Intelligente Wirksysteme
SMArt155A new Dimension for Artillery


SMArt155(DM702A1) is an intelligent, autonomous, highly effective and robust fire and forget artillery projectile with unmatched cost effectiveness.

SMArt155puts the Artillery into the position to effectively engage and destroy any kind of combat vehicles up to heavily armoured main battle tanks - whether stationary or moving with maximum speed - with pinpoint accuracy and a small number of munition.

Due to its multi mode sensor system, SMArt155 can be used in all weather and all terrain environments, and is prepared to cope with to days and future countermeasures.

SMArt155is in full scale series production and in service with Artillery Forces.

SMArt155is produced with extraordinary quality standards. Maximum manufactured reliability has been proven.

Redundant self-destruction devices completely avoid duds. Collateral damage is minimized.
SMArt155 DM702A1

Explosive penetrator forming IR-Sensor MMW Radar and MMW-Radiometer Packaging (DM97070)