GIWS-Gesellschaft für Intelligente Wirksysteme

SMArt155 Provides the advantages required

The sensor fuzed Munition for the Artillery, Caliber 155 mm, is a highly effective and very robust fire and forget artillery shell. It carries two autonomous, intelligent and high performance submunitions to defeat any kind of stationary and moving protected vehicles up to heavily armoured targets in any environment with minimum ammunition expenditure up to the maximum range of weapon system.

SMArt155causes minimum collateral damage, leaves no dud on the battlefield, has long life time in stock w/o any testing or maintenance.

The modular design and the autonomous working submunitions allow a simple adaptation for use as payload in other carrier systems like rockets or missiles.
SMArt155offers avantages for further product improvement to future requirements, totally meeting applicable NATO standards at reasonable cost with long warranty period.

Because redundant self-destruction is a key requirement to SMArt, special care was taken that only the reliable function of a few components is needed to avoid duds with an extremely high level of confidence.
Final assembly
The rationale for these safety features of SMArt were:
  • to avoid hazardous UXO (Unexploded Explosive Ordnance) as much as technical feasible
  • to assure self-destruction of the submunition in all cases where defined electrical energy is established
  • to inhibit the second arming of the S+A unit (detonator in line) in all cases when electrical power is not established as defined (non-hazardous dud)
  • to assure the bleed-down of electrical energy in the submunition in all other cases (non-hazardous dud).

SMArt is NON Cluster Ammunition!

SMArt155fully meets the requirements of the Dublin Convention regarding Cluster Ammunition!